What is Proximity PHM and how does it work?

Proximity PHM is a marketplace App for Dog owners that is currently available as  Free Download from the Apple App Store.

The App provides recommendations of pet health products & services for Direct Purchase and in addition provides pet health & training videos and blog articles curated by industry professionals.


Do I have to buy any hardware to use the App?

No. Access and use of the App is completely free. However, In-App purchases are charged at the time of purchase with nominal convenience fees.

Yes. If you wish to monitor your pets steps in which case you would get ProximityPHM our base model that is a private pet collar device.

Yes. If you wish to track your lost/runaway pet in which case you would need to purchase ProximityPHM+ (Plus) which once attached to the pet collar - would provide you street level location of the pet having left the vicinity of your home . Ease of use video link: https://youtu.be/679AAlRqjc0

I already have a dog collar tracker, can I still use the App?

Yes. We have certified various models available in market that are compatible for use from our App. List is available upon request, please email support@proximityphm.com for the updated certified models list.

Is it complicated ?

No, attaching the device to your pet's collar is as easy as wearing a belt it. And for connecting to your app is as easy and simple as connecting your smart phone to your car. 

Is ProximityPHM Secure?
Unlike ProximityPHM+(Plus), ProximityPHM is not a location tracker and so it provides a personal secure connection between you and your Pet using available Bluetooth technology. There is no Location Tracking of you or your pet's activity!

My Pet is already Micro-Chipped, Why do I need Proximity?

Proximity PHM is not a replacement to your existing embed micro-chip technology. It provides a proactive layer of companionship that present embedded micro-chips do not provide. 
Research indicates and Vet's confirm, that more pet owners are concerned with Pet Health than fear of loss on account of theft. 

Traditional microchipping and RFID tags are an important part of pet safety, yet a reactive technology when it comes to losing your pet. To find a lost pet using a microchip, a pet has to be found and taken to a vet or shelter with access to the right database with the owner’s correct information.

This process could take days or weeks! You will be happy to know that Proximity does not require any invasive procedures, trips to Vet or even and interfere with existing microchips embed within your Pet ! 
Proximity is designed to enable you to monitor your pet's health and limit any embed or surface EMI radiations to either you or your Pet!

Do the devices require a Cellular and/or WiFi Connection?

No. ProximityPHM is based on cutting edge PAN technology via Bluetooth V4 that does not require a WiFi Connection or monthly cellular service plans for use! However, ProximityPHM+(Plus) requires a cellular connection and comes preprogrammed so there is no action required from the user. Service Plans are available. 

How do I earn Rewards & Treats?

Some of the exclusive products in our store are custom designed and reserved for users who sign up & create an In-Store Account on our our website and achieve specific pet activity milestones as defined by you! Those users are invited to claim a unique reward designed to commemorate their accomplishment /pet commitment.

Are ProximityPHM and ProximityPHM+ Water Proof?

Yes. Proximity PHM is waterproof and durable (rated IPX6). It’s designed to go anywhere with your pet. The most intrepid pets can take Proximity PHM with them through water, mud, rain and snow. We do recommend wiping the device down before charging if it does take a swim!

What if I need help?

We are committed to provide 24x7 support. Support Options are available by phone, email and online chat. 

Can I Partner, Sponsor, Advertise?

We Welcome Pet Service Providers & Vendors to Feature Products, Supplies, Informational Blog Posts & Videos to join us as Sponsors!

Proximity PHM offers a vast array of sponsorships for Pet Industry Suppliers to directly reach Pet owners worldwide including:

  • Display advertising Online and In-App
  • Online/In-App vendor directory listings
  • Dedicated Emails and E-Newsletter insertions
  • Individual content syndications for Blogs and Videos
  • Content channel sponsorships including Treats, Videos & Blog Posts
  • Detailed Analytics for all sponsorships
  • Much, much more …

Interested in Sponsorship? Please email: sponsor@proximityphm.com for more information. *Please note: This year’s REWARDS slots are booked solid.