Why a Jog with a Dog is the latest fitness craze

Take the lead: why a jog with a dog is the latest fitness craze

Sales of specialty pet technology equipment boom as pet owners combine traditional walks with their own exercise routine when walking/running with Dogs!

 Once walking a dog once or twice was exercise enough for the dog! Or so we assumed, Now increasing numbers of owners taking their pets for vigorous walk, runs instead to not only maintain their Pet's Health but also their own!

Demand across the US for Pet Technology equipment has grown exponentially on account of increasing numbers of empty nesters and millennials own Dogs. 

Some of the early entrants like Whistle Labs, Wag, Rover etc provided single function capabilities primarily aimed at location tracking and walk, pee, poop tracking among others.

Meanwhile, as demand for pet technology continues to explode some of the later entrants including private bluetooth pet pedometers & GPS locator devices like ProximityPHM and ProximityPHM+ have been launched - and they're slowly growing in popularity.



Daily Dog Step Recommendation

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Good news for dog owners – that 20 minute plus walk you take each day translates to approximately 2,800 steps! On top of that, dog owners also tend to walk at a greater intensity, which can be just as healthy as running.  In fact, the American Heart Association found in an analysis that owning a dog protects against cardiovascular disease. They also found that dog owners are less likely to smoke tobacco.