It was in early Spring, 2017 when I helped a friend by boarding her dog, Jasper for a few weeks. While I was at work my neighbor informed me that Jasper had snuck out ! OMG! I had to leave early, rush home! Meanwhile, Jasper had returned and I decided to invest in a tracker...  but when I went to a major pet supply store , I just could not decide on what was the right product or meal for Jasper on account of the Pet Super Store look - it was just overwhelming!

The Dog Tracker I got was a single function 'one-trick-pony' and did not offer me any other benefits outside of just tracking him, when a runaway! That is when I decided to make an app that would provide me the best products and services for my Pet, be able to maintain it's health and also enable me to track in case lost.

Launch a Pet Health & Fitness App in the Apple App Store called PROXIMITYPHM with a simple idea: Bring Pet Healthy Technology, Products, Services and Information directly to Pet Owners related to their individual Pet needs.

Proximity PHM is a Free to Access Marketplace App that provides pet health & wellness products, services & information. It conveniently provides pet products, services, health and wellness information curated by professionals.

It is interoperable with various certified pet collar devices available in the market today that extend the App to provide pet step counts and even lost/runaway pet location mapping.



Proximity PHM Pet Health Monitors, LLC aims to provide solutions that promote and enable longer, healthier and happier lives for all Pets. 

We launched our App in the App Store in March 2019 and with subsequent updates in November 2019!

During which, We announced release of Proximity PHM, our super light Bluetooth enabled pet collar device was widely received on account of it's Privacy!

Following thereafter, We announced release of Proximity PHM+, out GPS enabled Pet Location Device and certifications to other pet locater device partners!

This enabled us to focus on our core strength and mission to provide Pet Health & Wellness, that was a Win-Win

Proximity PHM

Proximity PHM is a super light weight device easily attaches to your existing Pet Collar provides not just activity but also health and nutrition information via companion App geared only for pet health and longevity.

Does Not track you or your Pet's location
- App is made only for Personal/Private Communication between Pet and Pet Owner! 
- you can share pet achievements to social media! 

Proximity PHM+

Proximity PHM is a GPS enabled light weight device easily attaches to your existing Pet Collar provides GEO Location of your runaway Pet. 

Provides GEO Location Ttracking of your Pet's location


~ Tim D.

Great for daily activity monitoring

~ Mila Y.

Love convenient In-App shopping!